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In my position as founder of SleepGuru, I, Ashwini G, want to welcome you to my website. I am glad you found me and want to know about me.

SleepGuru is on a mission to improve sleep hygiene, for better health and wellness, through the creation of unbiased resources and their free dissemination. Aside from educating people about sleep disorders and their holistic treatment, Sleep Guru also empowers consumers by providing expert opinions and user reviews about sleep products.

More often than not we fail to notice the connection between troubled sleep and improper bedding. From the mattress to the pillows to the sheets, every single piece of bedding affects the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, most people spend their lives sleeping on bedding that’s wrong for them and develop sleep problems, but never realize it. If you suffer from sleep issues without any apparent reason or underlying medical cause, your bedding could be responsible for it.

This is where SleepGuru tries to help by providing the most comprehensive and unbiased resources related to sleep products. With so many products on the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one. SleepGuru tries out all products before review and also talks to actual users about their experience. If a mattress, a pillow, or a sheet is not worth your time or money, Sleep Guru provides honest opinions to help you choose better.

The person behind SleepGuru is Ashwini G, a loving wife, a doting mother who experienced sleep issues in the past and discovered the importance of the right bedding for better sleep quality. SleepGuru was born out of the need to provide people with a dedicated resource for sleep since there is contradictory advice from one site to another and biased views and information from manufacturers. You can never trust bedding manufacturers to be completely honest with their products. They are always going to market their products as “perfect” and “just what everyone needs”. In most cases, these are far from the actual truth.

Only actual users and sleep experts can tell you if a mattress is really worth your money. That’s what SleepGuru helps you with — provide unbiased, honest opinions about sleep products and teach you how to manage sleep issues holistically. If you never realized that your bedding was giving you sleepless nights, it’s time you took a closer look at your mattress, your pillows, or your sheets. If they aren’t up to the mark, you can always come back to the information on SleepGuru to find yourself the right bedding.  


The objective of SleepGuru is to help people find suitable sleep products like mattresses, pillows, sheets, sleep aid among others. For this, SleepGuru suggests methods, procedures, along with products.

The information provided on SleepGuru can in no way be used as equivalent of advice from the experts in sleep. The information provided is solely meant for guidance only. The user is responsible for analyzing the information and acting accordingly.

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