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Best Dog Beds in India – 2021


Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

Dogs have been aptly named to be best friends and buddies to men, women, and children. Adopting a dog enriches your life in so many ways. They are like little bundles of joy that are just waiting for your attention to make you happy and jolly. Dogs shower you with unconditional loyalty and affection with no expectation in return. It is only fair that you reciprocate all this love, affection, and loyalty by ensuring the most comfortable place for your dog to rest.

A dog bed is a much-needed space for your dog that gives it the comfort and sense of belonging it so deserves. Just like human’s dogs also require a space to call their own and relax in. a dog bed helps your canine companion feel a part of the family with its place and things. This is almost as important as good food and exercise for the dogs. As a dog owner, you will no doubt want to give the best to your canine friend but the vast choices available in the market can make finalizing which dog bed to buy a confusing task. There are certain pointers you need to keep in mind and certain tips you should be armed with before venturing into the market for a good dog bed. This guide will help you in this regard and make things easier by listing the top dog beds that are currently the favorite among dog parents.



  • Highly durable making it ideal for daily use
  • Machine washable covers make it easy to clean
  • Raised edges for extra comfort and warmth


  • Prone to chewing

The Amazon Basics Octagon Pet Bed is a great choice for all dog parents. This dog bed comes in an octagonal shape that makes it ideal for all dog breeds. The raised edges give your dog the perfect place to rest its head after a day’s excitement. It also gives comfort and much-needed support to the canine companions. The cushions have a flannel cover that makes them plush, soft, and warm. The sides of the bed are made of polyester material that gives it an added durability. It also helps allow the dog bed to retain its shape after being tossed about by your pet dog. The bottom is heavy to keep it in place and comes equipped with an anti-skid base. This ensures that the dog bed stays in one place.

To make it even more attractive this pet bed from Amazon is machine washable. It can be reshaped after drying if the spinning gets it out of shape. Further, it comes in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL making it ideal for all dog breeds. There is also the added benefit of a one-year warranty on this product by the brand against manufacturing defects. 



  • Made with plush velvet material for a premium feel with reversible cushions
  • Comes in 7 different colors
  • Shipped in a reusable cover for ease of transport 


  • Only available in two sizes of small and big dog

The Pet Royale Reversible Velvet Bed for Big or Small Dogs with Extra Detachable Cotton Seat Cover is a square-shaped dog bed with raised edges for maximum support and comfort. It is made of velvet material that gives your doggo a plush and soft bed to snuggle into. The bed comes in two sizes of small and large to accommodate all dog sizes. The small size is perfect for your dog through the pup to adolescent stage. For an adult dog, the large size works best. This bed size is only appropriate for medium-sized dogs like Labradors. For bigger breeds, you might want to look for other options. Unlike other dog beds that only come in a single color this dog bed allows you to choose between 7 different colors. You can also opt for lighter shades like lavender or a sunny yellow to brighten up the house.

The raised edges give your dog the comfort of having an elevated headrest. It also allows for the canines to rest comfortably without any problems. It gives optimal support to your dogs and has been constructed according to veterinary professionals.  The premium material further optimizes the comfort level of the dogs. Another great feature of this dog bed is that it sports reversible and detachable cushions. This means that you can easily flip the cushion over if one side gets dirty making it easier for you to maintain hygiene. It also prolongs the cleaning times of the dog bed. The covers are machine washable as well for more convenience. The overall bed dimensions are mentioned below: 

Dog Bed



Central Cushion

22 x 22 inches

34 x 34 inches


6 inches

11 inches

Total Bed

32 x 32 inches

42 x 42 inches



  • Highly durable and easily cleaned
  • Competitively priced
  • Lots of sizes and color options to choose from


  • The raised edge support is not very good and tends to fall under quickly

Another great option for dog beds is the Gorgeous Soft Reversible Round Cats and Dogs Bed. This is a versatile bed that can just as easily be used as a cat bed or as a dog bed. If you want a trendy and budget option for your dog, then you must choose this dog bed from the “Gorgeous” brand. It is a nest bed with slightly raised edges and is made with a plush velvet material with leather touches material. It is highly durable and water-resistant to help contain the stain marks from the occasional slipups. The base has an anti-skid feature that makes it safe as well as being comfortable for your dog. 

The dog bed comes in all sizes possible ranging from S to 3XL size. This makes the dog bed ideal for all dog breeds and all dog ages. Apart from this, you get a lot of color options to choose from. You even have a nice purple color with pink cushions you can pick for your little furry miss. 



  • The cozy round shape makes it ideal to curl up on Only available in small and medium-size
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance 
  • Heavy non-woven anti-skid bottom


  • Only available in small and medium-size

If you are interested in buying a dog bed that is affordable and durable without compromising on the basic quality, then the Mellifluous Reversible Super Soft Velvet Round Cat Dog Pet Bed is just the thing for you. This dog bed is made of lightweight and durable materials that help protect it against the chewing habits and other mischiefs that your dog is bound to subject it to. 

This is a round-shaped bed that makes it ideal for your dog to curl upon. Further, the bed is ergonomically designed with raised edges to offer every dog maximum support and comfort. This donut-shaped bed has reversible cushions covered in a plush velvet fabric to make it snug and cozy as well as efficient. A reversible cushion ensures that you do not have to clean the bed very often and can simply flip the cushions over when one side is dirty. The bed is machine washable along with the cushions making it even easier to maintain the hygiene of the dog bed. It has a non-woven base that is heavy and equipped with an anti-skid bottom. This ensures maximum safety for your dog and other family members. 



  • Available in all sizes from S to 3XL
  • 100% machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Can be easily rolled up for transportation


  • Comes in just one colour

The Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed Bolster Dog Bed Fits Metal Dog Crates Machine Wash and Dry is the perfect bed solution for your doggo friend. It gives a nice cozy place for your dog to rest in and is ideal for all types of breeds and ages. It is a basic dog bed that lies flat on the floor making it ideal for aging and convalescent dogs as well. The edges are slightly raised in a bolster fashion to give your dog the comfort of a raised headrest. The base is a cushioned poly/ cotton material with a polyester filling all around. 

These rectangular-shaped dog beds can also be used as a base for your dog carriers, dog houses, or kennels. It is lightweight with only 500 grams of weight and can easily be folded or rolled up to carry around. The dark grey color ensures that the dog bed does not get dirty easily making the maintenance more convenient. It is also 100% machine washable, so you do not have to hand-wash it. The best part is that it is also 100% dryer friendly, unlike other dog beds that need to be air-dried. The dryer does not wring it out of shape, and it also does not lose its plush after the wash.



  • Buttoned design to ensure maximum comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Filled with synthetic polyester that retains suppleness after wash


  • No raised edges for comfortable headrest
  • Only one colour option

The Amazon Basics Pet Bed is a simple no-frills type of dog bed that is easy to wash and easier to maintain. It comes as a modest-looking floor cushion in a rectangular shape that can be set up anywhere on the floor for your dog to curl upon. The best part is that this dog bed can be easily moved around from room to room and makes for an excellent travel companion as well. It is made with soft and plush textural material with a nice swirling pattern make it classy and designer in looks. The dog bed is machine washable with soft dry compatibility which keeps things easy in the long run. You can choose the appropriate size for your dog from a variety of available choices. Offered by the brand. You can also use this dog bed as a base for the dog kennel to make the space snuggly and cozy.



  • A covered dog bed makes it ideal for outdoor spaces
  • Comes in 5 attractive color options
  • Non-woven bottom with velvet fabric finish for a premium feel


  • Only available in two sizes of S and M

The Mellifluous Dog and Cat Cave Pet Bed is a great option for a covered dog bed. If you want your dog bed to have a covered roof, then this cave dog bed is the perfect solution. It comes in 5 attractive colors that will brighten up any space you choose to keep this bed in. It is also an ideal choice for open spaces like terraces and balconies. The half-moon cover over the bed ensures that your pet will remain warm and cozy throughout the night just like a kennel. It also gives your dog the much-needed security and a place where they can truly snuggle in. 

This bed sports a non-woven base with an anti-skid feature. This ensures that the bed stays in one place and does not move around minimizing the risk for injury and accidents. Available in two sizes of S and M, this cave dog bed is ideal for small breed dogs of all ages and medium-breed dogs till the adolescent age. You can also double it up as a cat bed for your feline companion. It is machine washable with a removable center cushion and has raised hems around the uncovered half.

Why Buy a Dog Bed?

Dogs can be the best companions and friends to humans. However, you must always respect the fact that dogs are living beings capable of emotions that they are generally very vocal about just not in a language you understand. Just like all living creature’s dogs also have certain needs attached to them. When you adopt a dog, you undertake to take care of all its needs and requirements right from food and shelter to its emotional wellbeing.

Physically a dog needs certain accessories like a dog collar, leash, food bowl, blankets, coat brush, etc. Out of these it also needs a decent place to sleep and nap in or just a place to rest comfortably or in other words your dog needs a dog bed. This is essential to its well-being both emotionally and physically. A dog bed not only rescues your furry friend from having to rest on the hard flooring of your house but also gives it an emotional satisfaction that will be hard to replicate by a simple sheet on the corner of the room.

Just like humans, dogs also look for a warm, cozy, and soft place to rest. Even in the wild dogs will look for a comfortable place and very often will make a bed of leaves to sleep upon or look for warm muddy places they can sink in. Without a proper dog bed, you will find your doggo friend hunting for soft spots in the house. They might even get in the habit of climbing on your bed or stealing your blankets to make a bed for themselves.

Pros Of Having a Dog Bed

There are some decided benefits of having a dog bed. If you are looking for factors beyond the emotional and affectional comfort for your dog, then these benefits are sure to settle your mind about getting your dog a dog bed.

Physical Health

There are physical benefits of having a proper dog bed for your furry friend. The soft bed provides your dog with much-needed physical comfort along with support for its body. Having a dog bed means that your dog will not be lying on the hard floor for hours preventing it from developing painful sores and muscle aches in the joints. It also helps in preventing health complications that might arise due to over-exposure to cold surfaces especially during winters.

Emotional Satisfaction

Apart from being physically beneficial, a dog bed gives your doggo friend a sense of belonging in the family house. Dogs are extremely territorial creatures. Having a specific space for itself will help keep its instincts satisfied and it will not feel the need to assert itself in other less than pleasant ways. It also gives great comfort and security to the dogs helping the newly adopted pup to adjust better or a sick dog to find more ease and relief.

Better Sleep

A good dog bed not only provides the perfect sleep solution for your dog but also gives you the perfect solution to kicking your furry friend from your bed in the middle of the night. Dogs are famous for wanting to curl up next to their doggo parents in the bed or the couch or any other place. If you do not like your dog on your furniture, then having a dog bed in place is the perfect resolution. Once your dog gets accommodated to the dog bed it will happily choose the dog bed over your bed or couch.


Dogs are great fun to have to scamper around in the house. However, they are also a very messy deal. No matter which breeds you opt for you will have to bear with the dog fur pretty much everywhere in your house. Dog beds help in this regard by giving your dog a place to roll in and get comfortable. This means that the dog bed will accumulate most of the errant dog fur rather than your couch and other house areas. You can hence very conveniently clean the dog bed frequently to rid yourself of the dog fur rather than cleaning the whole house making it easier for yourself.

Prevents Behavioral Problems

It is very common for dogs to develop behavioral issues when they do not have a place for themselves. Conventionally dogs are extremely territorial and thrive on setting boundaries. They need to know that a certain area is their own for them to feel secure and safe. Having a dog bed prevents your dog from taking over your bed or other areas of the house and displaying aggressive territorial behavior when challenged by the household members in that area especially with regards to children. You do not want your dog to become possessive and start displaying a belligerent attitude.

Joint Support

For elderly dogs, these dog beds are heaven-sent. There are proper orthopedic dog beds in the market that are created for offering optimal joint support to the elderly faction of the dog community. They are also helpful for younger dogs to avoid arthritis to giving them ample support and taking the stress away from their joints. Remember for dogs just like with humans’ mobility means a lot. Hence, you should try to give them the best chance at retaining mobility throughout their lives.

Settling Down

There is nothing worse than having to leave your dog behind on a dog board when you are travelling. Or you might be a pet traveler and like to take your dog with you on your adventures. Either way, it can be very disconcerting for the dog to sleep in new surroundings. Having its familiar and beloved dog bed with all the scents and comfort of the house makes it very easy for the dog to settle down. It helps calm the doggo down by reminding it of the house and you in an unfamiliar set of surroundings.

How To Choose the Best Dog Bed?

When it comes to dog beds you need to give them the same consideration that you would show while buying other products. To get the right dog bed you have to go beyond the cosmetic and aesthetic value of the product and look into the intrinsic value by taking into account certain aspects. These will help you get the best dog bed for your doggo friend that will keep it happy and content.

Size and Fit

There are all types of dog beds in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes with some dog beds suitable for certain dogs and some suitable for other breeds. You need to ensure that the dog bed you buy is suitable for the size of your dog. Judge the size of your dog and buy a dog bed accordingly. It should be big enough to cover your dog’s limbs. There is no point in buying a dog bed that has its head or legs hanging off the edge. Dog beds typically come in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes. So, pick one that is appropriate for your dog at its age.

Outer Material

Dog beds are available in various materials in the market. Some common materials used in the construction include denim, fleece, flannel, and microfiber. The material you choose should be according to the weather and climate you live in. For the Indian weather, it is better to choose a cotton cover with microfiber rather than choosing denim or flannel. Cotton helps in good ventilation and will not make your dog sweat in the hot and humid seasons.


Apart from the cover material, you must also pay special attention to the structure of the dog bed. Some dog beds are simple floor cushions with no edges for support or definition. It is best to stay away from such types of dog beds. They are no better than blankets on the floor. A good dog bed will have a side skirting over the base where your dog can cushion its head. It also gives better base support by having a separate base that is harder and generally made of cane and then you have the mattress. This is a much better construction that offers optimal comfort and support to your furry companion.

Anti-Skid Base

A dog bed does not weigh much and is easily shifted from place to place. With the kind of exuberance, most dogs show their dog beds you can expect your dog to scatter its bed from one place to another without even meaning to. This can be a big nuisance not only for your dog but also for you. This can also be quite hazardous especially if you have kids and elderly people in the house. To avoid any unpleasant situation, you should look for a dog bed that sports a sturdy anti-skid base. This will ensure that your doggo does not shift the bed from one spot to another and prevent any accidents from occurring.


One of the main reasons to get a dog bed is to help keep your dog happy even in unfamiliar places. Another reason is to ensure that the dog has a place to sleep wherever you go. For this purpose, the dog bed you choose must be easily movable from one place to another. You might also like to shift it from one corner of the house to another depending on where the family is sitting at the time. Hence, you should invest in a lightweight easily moveable dog bed that will not prove a challenge to shift around.

Ease of Cleaning

As any dog parent will confirm dog beds tend to get very dirty very fast. You will have to clean your dog’s bed at least twice a week if not more to keep it tidy and free from dog fur. For this purpose, it is best to opt for a dog bed that is low maintenance with a detachable mattress and separate cover. The mattress can be sun-dried to get rid of the odor or spot cleaned whereas you can throw the cover in the washing machine. Steer clear of materials like velvet or wool that will give you trouble while washing.

Chewing Tendency

Younger dogs and puppies love to chew on anything they can get their furry little paws on. This includes their bed. If you have a dog that is prone to chewing, then you should opt for beds that are more durable and resilient than normal dog beds. Try to opt for materials like military fibre and heavy-duty cane or ballistic grade material to ensure that the dog bed survives the chewing onslaught.

Absorbent Pads

If you have an untrained dog, a dog with incontinent issues or a little puppy that is still getting house trained then it is best to invest in some absorbent linings for your dog bed. This will save you the hassle of cleaning the entire bed rather than just changing the lining on the bed. But for this, you should make sure that you buy a dog bed that is compatible with absorbent linings. It should hold the lining properly otherwise the whole endeavor will be pointless.

Other Age and Health Concerns

Before you buy the dog bed make a note of your dog’s age and any health concerns that it might be having. For an aged dog or a dog with mobility issues, it is better to go for a specialized orthopedic dog bed or one with a low clearance that your canine friend can easily get in and out of. If you have a sensitive dog, then you should think about getting a dog bed that is made with hypoallergenic materials and stuffing to minimize any health implications.

Types Of Dog Beds

There are a lot of dog beds that are available in the market. You just have to walk into a pet store or go through the pet aisle of the supermarket to see the variety. You get the basic styles that are suitable for normal healthy dogs, and you also have some special dog beds that are constructed to provide relief against certain ailments and health conditions of the dog. These are categorized below:

Floor Mats or Pads

These are the most basic type of dog beds in the market. They are also the most economical of the lot. If budget is a concern for you then it is best to choose a floor mat for your dog bed. As the name suggests these dog beds are square or round pieces of padded cushions that you can lay anywhere in the house. They do not have any edges or raised hems and come with polyester fill or foam padding.

Donut Shaped Beds

These are circular-shaped beds with raised rims or hedges all around the beds. The raised edges are soft for maximum comfort and feel much like an added bolster to the main center mattress. These beds are made for extra comfort and make a nice cozy bed for your doggo.

Nest Beds

The nest beds are similar to the donut beds in the sense that they too sport raised edges. They are like floor mats with raised hems all around them. The only difference between nest beds and donut beds is that in donut beds the raised edges are like bolsters with a removable center mattress and with nest beds, the whole construction of the bottom and sides is one piece.

Travel Dog Beds

These are normal dog beds in shape but are thinner and more easily foldable than the other ones. Travel dog beds can be easily folded into small units and generally come with covers to carry them around more conveniently. These dog beds are a must-have if you travel around too much. They can come in handy for a dog boarding stint as well.

Heated Dog Beds

The heated dog beds have a fleece cover and an electric blanket to keep them warm during the cold seasons. Most dogs can acclimatize to cool temperatures without the need for any extra care, but you need to ensure that your dog gets the extra heat when the temperature dips beyond a certain level. This is even more important for sick and elderly dogs. These heated dog beds are very helpful when you live in very cold climates where your dog needs extra protection against the cold.

Cooling Dog Beds

These dog beds are similar to heated dog beds and come with a cooling pad to keep the bed cool against the rising temperatures outside. They are an ideal purchase for the summer seasons to keep your doggo comfortable.

Wrapping Up

A dog bed is more than just an indulgence for your dog. It is an essential accessory that has many benefits for your doggo friend. All dog parents understand the importance of having a dog bed in the house even if they allow their doggo friends to share their beds and climb on furniture. A dog bed is not just a square or round piece of soft mattress for your dog, it offers much more than physical comfort. This bed provides your dog with the much-needed warmth and sense of security that helps it thrive helping your pet grow more positively. 

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