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Boston Mattress Review – 2021


Last Updated on July 10, 2022 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

The Boston Mattress is a very popular mattress brand that has creating a loyal customer base for itself. An established company in US and a young brand in India, the company focuses on providing you with premium sleep solutions. They have an extensive range of mattresses that excel in catering to your every sleep requirement without compromising on the comfort factor. Many often mattresses tend to focus entirely on the support making them hard and unfunctional since sleep requires a minimal level of comfort as well. Boston mattresses focus on giving you an ideal blend of lumbar support with good comfort factored in.

This brand has a high reputation for good quality at a reasonable price. Their mattresses are built to last with high durability construction involving double stitching on the sides and premium quality materials. They are also environment conscious and responsibly source all their materials. As a customer you will have options in firmness, thickness, and support levels to suit your individual requirement. You will also be able to choose from plenty of size options or opt for a customized option.

Boston Mattress Pros
  • Multiple customization options for size, thickness, and firmness.
  • Zero motion disturbance or zero movement transference
  • Open knit cotton fabric allows good ventilation and body temperature control.
  • No chemical residues
Boston Mattress Cons
  • Return request needs to be initiated within 24-hours of delivery
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and not from the date of delivery.
  • No trial periods

Boston Mattress Series

Boston Mattress offers plenty of different types of mattresses in its product catalogue. Each mattress aims at a particular preference which allows the brand to cater to a wide customer base. You will easily find a mattress that is most suitable for your needs from their range of mattresses. The Boston mattresses are categorized under four main types. These are:

Boston Mattress Classic Series

The classic series of the Boston Mattress is aimed at the basic comfort of the customer. If you are looking for a mattress that gives you the adequate comfort platform to rest then you should opt for the classic series of the Boston Mattress. You can opt for a basic no frills classic mattress or you can go for a pocket spring and memory foam mattress. They even have an orthopedic mattress under this series.

Price Range: Rs. 9,490 to Rs. 107, 990

Boston Mattress Hotel Comfort Series

If you want a luxurious mattress that allows you to sink into its folds and envelopes you in supreme comfort like your favorite hotel beds, then you should opt for their Hotel Comfort Series. The mattress in this series allows you to bring the hotel comfort level to your homes giving you an edge on ultimate luxury. This series includes the basic memory foam mattress, bonnel spring mattress, pocket spring mattress, and comfort foam mattress.

Price Range: Rs. 9,290 to Rs. 32,990.

Boston Mattress Organic Series

These mattresses are ideal for the sensitive and allergy prone people. They are made from 100% organic materials that include 100% natural latex and organic fiber. Latex is a hypo-allergenic, breathable material that is fully bio-degradable. It is derived from rubber trees and is a natural repellent for bacteria and dust mites.  The series includes organic orthopedic mattress, bonnel spring mattress, and pocket spring mattress. It even features a natural mattress for infant cot or toddler bed.

Price Range: Rs. 4,990 to Rs. 87, 239.

Boston Mattress Basic Series

The basic series by Boston Mattress includes the most economically priced mattresses in their product range. They do not have any extra features attached to them and cater to the basic sleep requirements of the individual. It includes the basic natural latex, basic bonnel spring, basic orthopedic, and basic pocket spring mattresses.

Price Range: Rs. 5,490 to Rs. 28,990.

Types Of Boston Mattress

All the mattresses that are manufactured by the Boston Mattress company fall under the specific types. This is as per the materials used in the construction. Some are simple basic structures like foam and latex and others use materials like bonnel spring and pocket spring. The kind of material used is discussed below in this segment:

Foam Mattress

Boston Mattress offers two types of foam mattresses. One is memory foam and the other is high resilience foam. Both these offer different features and give you differing levels of comfort and support.

Memory Foam: The memory foam mattresses offered by Boston Mattresses is one of the best you will find in the market. These mattresses are made with premium high quality memory foam that easily molds into your body structure hugging all the curves. This gives you optimal support in all the different parts of your body especially your lumbar and spinal area. Memory foam is the ideal mattresses form for snug comfort and good firmness.

High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress: This is a high firmness level foam that is ideal for people looking for a hard surface to support their backs and lower spine. The HR foam is made with high quality materials and aids in uniform distribution of pressure in all the parts of the body. The HR foam layer produces a consistent feel across the mattress making it extremely comfortable for people suffering from back aches and joint pains. It also promotes the S-shape of the spine making it very effective in future prevention of all back problems that might arise with a softer mattress.

Natural Latex Mattress

This mattress is one of its kind in the Indian market. The latex used is a 100% natural latex that is responsibly sourced and manufactured from the rubber trees. It is completely bio-degradable product that makes it environment friendly and lowers your carbon footprint. The latex used is naturally hypo-allergenic and is therefore suitable for the sensitive and allergy prone users. Further, the latex is also a natural repellent for insects, dust mites, and bacteria making it more resilient against such infestations. Latex is also a cooler and more breathable option than foam that aids in giving you a cool comfortable sleep by regulating your body temperature.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress is preferred by a lot of people especially when you are look for a high bounce with classic comfort. Boston Mattress offers two types of spring mattress in its construction.

Pocket Spring: The pocket spring mattress range is an extremely popular mattress from Boston Mattresses. These feature small pocket springs that are cleverly enclosed within different pockets of the mattress at uniform intervals. Hence each of the pocket springs compress differently as per the weight that is levied on it. You therefore have optimal support for the various parts of the body along with the bouncy comfort of a spring mattress. Since the springs are not interconnected with each other there is minimal transfer of movement. This makes it even more attractive given how disturbing motion transfer can be.

Bonnel Spring: The bonnel spring mattresses are made with high tensile steel coils. These stainless-steel coils are interconnected with each other and form a layer in the mattress construction. On both the sides of the layer there is a heavily padded cushion foam and an insulator. This helps in keeping the coils well incubated so that you do not feel the sharpness through the mattress. Also, the upholstery of the mattress is constructed to withstand shock making it comfortable to sleep.

Orthopedic Mattress

The orthopedic mattress offered by Boston Mattress has been constructed with medical guidelines to give you the optimal spinal and cervical support that your body requires. This mattress is constructed with both latex and HR foam layers giving it a high firmness level. For those who find it hard to lay on very form surface but still need the support of an orthopedic mattress you have the pocket spring orthopedic mattress. This is a softer version than the latex orthopedic mattress and helps you get the comfort level you desire without compromising on the spinal and body support.

Firmness Level and Comfort

Each Boston Mattress has a different firmness level. The firmness level depends on the layers of construction of the mattress as well as the materials used in the construction. With all the different series available you need to choose carefully about the level of firmness you require. You can take your pick from soft, medium soft, hard, and medium hard range as per your preference.

If you are confused or would like an option of changing between soft and hard firmness, then the “Dual Comfort Mattress” will be the ideal choice for you. This mattress sports a soft memory foam top layer on one side giving you a low firmness layer and it has a latex layer on the other side that gives you the hard surface. You can simply flip the sides as and when you choose to get the best of both types of firmness levels.

The memory foam, PU foam, and bouncy foam mattress all have a soft to medium firmness level. These mattresses are more comfortable and less supportive and meant for those looking for a soft snuggly mattress that makes you feel cozy. The spring mattress on the other hand sport a medium level of firmness that makes them ideal for those looking for a good support along with a good degree of comfort level. These mattresses help you relax and gets rid of the body aches and pains at the same time. Both HR foam mattresses and orthopedic mattresses have a high degree of firmness and offer a hard surface to rest on. These mattresses focus primarily on the body support.

Boston Mattress Construction and Design

The level of comfort that a mattress affords as well as the support effectiveness of the mattress depends on the construction of the mattress. All the mattresses that are manufactured by the Bostin Mattress company goes through stringent quality checks so that you get only the best mattress quality. The different mattresses might sport different layers and different materials but all of them are made with precise technology to provide you with the best sleep solution. The various aspects of the construction and design of the mattresses are discussed below:

Cover: The cover of the mattress speaks a lot about the mattress itself. It determines the feel of the mattress which is an essential aspect of the mattress. If the mattress feels rough, then you will be hard pressed to purchase it. All of Boston Mattress products sport a knitted cover fabric that is predominantly cotton with polyester mix. This cover supports good ventilation and helps in regulating your body temperature. It is also double stitched at the seams for extra durability and high resilience.

Layers: There are various layers that come together in the mattress formation. Generally, the layers consist of a cover, top layer, middle layer, and bottom layer. The top, middle, and bottom layer depends upon the type of mattress you choose. For instance, the bonnel spring mattress from Boston includes cover, memory foam, bonnel spring layer, HR foam layer, and a bottom insulation and support padding.

Material: There are different types of Boston Mattresses and the materials used in their construction depends according to the series and types of the Boston mattress you opt for. The materials used include:

  • Memory foam
  • PU foam
  • HR foam
  • Rebounded foam
  • Viscose foam
  • Natural latex
  • Cushion pad insulator
  • Shock absorbing foam
  • Pocket spring
  • Bonnel spring


There are various degrees of support that is provided by the different mattresses. Each Boston mattress strives to give you good support, but the ultimate support is provided by the orthopedic mattress. The support layers work to give you:

  • Good Spinal and Back Support
  • Relief from joint aches and pains
  • Prevent sagging and unnecessary dropping at the edges
  • Aids in absorption of motion from body movements
  • Works as the base for good stability of the mattress


The Boston mattresses come in varying heights. The range starts from 4-inch thickness and ends at 10-inch thickness. You can customize the thickness level you want in the individual mattress type you select. The spring mattress is only available in 6-inch and 8-inch thickness, but the foam mattresses are available between 4-inch and 10-inches thickness.

Mattress Weight

All the Boston mattresses have different layers that come together to form the mattress. Because of this the Boston mattresses are typically heavyweight. This is a plus point since a heavyweight mattress is more durable in the long run and is more capable of handling heavy loads as compared to a light weighted mattress. Heavy weight mattresses also give you better stability.


The overall performance of each Boston mattress is above par. Every mattress type delivers what it features. You get the correct level of your chosen firmness with no sagging in the middle or the edges. Further, all the Boston mattresses feature good ventilation giving you optimal temperature regulation. Hence, even during the summer peak you will not wake up drenched in sweat. This coupled with the zero-motion transfer and hypo-allergenic covers make Boston mattresses one of the best brands in the mattress industry especially within their pricing segment.


Air ventilation in a mattress is essential to regulate your body temperature. Without adequate ventilation the mattress will absorb all your body heat and warm up making you break up in sweat. Unfortunately, the Boston Mattress company does not utilize any specific engineering method or technology for air ventilation. However, their mattresses are constructed with layers that involve plastic mesh, knitted fabrics, and pocketed springs. These automatically create space for the air to circulate efficiently that releases all the body heat that might have been trapped inside the mattress. This keeps the mattress cool and helps in regulating your body temperature adequately.

Edge Support

The Boston mattresses have excellent edge support. Very often the mattress starts showing signs of wear and tear with the stitching coming off at the seams and the edges sagging. These mattresses have a special construction on all the 4 sides of the edges with re-enforced double stitching and a raised hem. This enables the mattress to withstand the stress on the borders and maintain the uniform thickness with no sagging.


Mattress purchase is a long-term investment. Most people expect to have to replace their mattress after 7 to 10 years. For this reason, the mattress that you purchase must be highly durable so that it lasts for that many years. Boston mattresses are made with high quality materials and are designed with precision to give you a mattress that lasts. Their mattresses are resilient and heavy duty that will not sag with time and heavy weights. The layer within the mattress ensures a uniform and even distribution of weight that helps preserve the lifespan of the mattress. Apart from this the side seams, and heavy-duty bottom provide increased stability to the mattress making it and more robust.


Most mattresses sport a strong chemical or residual odor. This is because of all the chemical treatments of the latex or foam that is used in the mattress. The Boston mattresses use an airy construction system with layers. This enables the air to circulate freely with no obstruction which in turn allows all the odor to dissipate efficiently. Apart from the chemical odor you need to worry about the stale odor especially during high humid weather that tends to emanate from the mattresses. Once again this is not a problem for the Boston mattresses because of their excellent construction method.

Noise and Shock Absorption

Even though spring mattresses are very popular because of their bounce and comfort, a lot of people abstain from buying these mattresses. This is in part due to all the creaking and groaning sounds that the springs in the mattress start making after continued use. The Boston spring mattress springs are insulated with layers that does not allow for these sounds and muffles it well. It is also insulated on both sides with shock absorbing cushioned felt that allows the mattress to absorb all the motion from the springs giving you a stable surface.

Boston Mattress Company Policies

Trial Window

Most mattress brands offer a minimum of 100 nights free trial period. This allows you to test the mattress by sleeping and resting on it for a period of 100 nights. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you are free to return it back to the company at no extra charge and with a no questioned asked policy. This is where Boston Mattress fails its customer base. The brand offers no trial feature. This means that you can only return the product if there is a manufacturing defect. There is no scope of returning if you are simply dissatisfied with the mattress performance.

Shipping and Delivery

Boston Mattress is a pan India company that ships to all parts of India. You need to place a order with them on their website and once your order request and subsequent payment is processed the company ships your order with the delivery period being 1 to 3 weeks depending on your area and location. There are no extra charges for shipping, and it is included free od cost with the purchase.


This is another disappointing aspect of Boston Mattress. The company allows you a short window of only 24 hours after receiving the product to lodge a return request. This is an extremely short time frame considering that other brands offer you a good week to 10 days to process your returns. Apart from this the return policy is against all manufacturing defects only, i.e., you can raise a return request if you get a defective or damaged mattress only. You can also raise a return request if a wrong product has been delivered.

Once your return request is processes and approved the company replaces your product with no extra charge within 2 to 3 weeks from the time of approval of the return request. Also, the return option is not applicable for customized orders.


Boston Mattress offers a good 5-year limited warranty on all its mattress series. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and damage caused due to the mattress construction only. The warranty is non-extendable and cannot be extended further than the stipulated 5 years. The kind of defects that are supported under warranty include, springs that are poking through the mattress, edge sagging with open seams, fissures on the surface or top layer, etc. However, these defects need to be because of improper manufacturing and not because of daily wear and tear.

Reasons To Consider a Boston Mattress

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a Boston mattress. Despite the poor return policy there is a lot to recommend in Boston Mattress products. Some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a Boston Mattress series of mattresses are listed below:

The orthopedic range from Boston Mattress is a boon for all those suffering from back aches and poor spinal structure. This highly firm mattress is a blend of HR foam and natural latex that not only gives you optimal back support but also aligns your neck, shoulders, and spine in the best shape to give you the best back support. They also have the pocket spring orthopedic mattress that is meant for those looking for a slightly softer surface without compromising on the mush needed back support and alignment.

If you like a choice in your mattress firmness and want the best of both hard and soft firmness or of you and your partner are at odds regarding the firmness, then the Dual Comfort Mattress from Boston Mattresses is the ideal mattress for you. This gives you the option of having both sides at your will. Just flip over to the firmness level you want and get the best rest you can dream off.

For all the people looking for an environment friendly and organic option the Boston Natural Latex series is perfect. You can choose between 5 different options in the organic series ranging from the pocket spring to the high-quality latex layered with memory foam option. You will not find such a diverse range easily with some other brand.

For the light sleepers out there the Boston Mattress makes an extremely good choice. All their mattresses feature zero-motion transfer. You can hence sleep in an undisturbed slumber no matter how many times your partner gets up or changes position.

The Boston Mattress range even caters to the hypo-allergenic population through its natural latex series. These mattresses feature natural and organic materials that are suitable for the sensitive and allergy prone sleepers.

About Boston Mattress Company

Boston Mattress is one of the best mattress brands in India. It believes in manufacturing high quality premium mattresses with world class excellence at providing it at a competitive rate to its customers. They engage in the latest technology and engineering to give you an excellent mattress that is at par with the top mattress contenders in the market.

The brand has over 40 years of experience in the mattress field. They have mastered the art of mattress engineering by taking real life customer feedback and incorporating the exact customer requirements into their products. You will be hard pressed to find a mattress that not only gives you good luxury and support but also allows you to choose the exact thickness and firmness level of your mattress. This brand is committed to giving you the best products and have adopted a direct to customer mode of operation which cuts out the middlemen from the sale process. This allows you to save on the middlemen commission thereby allowing the brand to give you a better pricing than other mattress manufacturers.

Boston Mattress Brand Information

Company Name: Boston Mattress

Year Of Inception: 1942 (US)

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Manufacturing Origin: Made in India


Customer Care number: +91 9911176556


FAQ Corner

Are Boston Mattresses Value for Money?

Boston Mattress offers plenty of features in its mattresses as well as assured high-quality performance. Their price segment is competitive with other brands as well. Apart from this you get free shipping, free return option, and a good warranty period. There are also plenty of customizable options available for you to opt from. The brand also offers a great organic range that is hypo-allergenic and a natural repellent for mites and bacteria. All of these combine to make Boston Mattress a good value for money brand.

Does Boston Mattress Offer Customization Options?

All the mattress series of Boston Mattress has customizable options. You can choose your mattress size and the mattress thickness as per your preference. For this you will have to enter certain details in the website page before proceeding with the order. These will include:

  • Choose the custom size option from the drop-down list
  • Enter the dimensions you want

Choose The Thickness Level You Would Like

Keep in mind that the thickness level should match the mattress size. You do not want to end up with a thin lightweight mattress. These will not be durable. Further, the customizable mattresses do not have a return option. So, you need to be extra sure about the dimensions you ask for.

Can You Dry Clean the Boston Mattress?

Dry cleaning the mattress is not recommended by the company. Instead, you can use a mattress protector and a sleep set to keep the mattress clean. In case of spillage and staining issues you can spot clean the mattress with the help of liquid soap or baking soda mixture.

Do The Mattresses Need to Be Rotated Periodically?

The brand recommends mattress rotation to maintain uniform usage on every side of the mattress. This prolongs the lifespan and utility of the mattress. It also prevents premature sagging at the seams, edges, and sides. As per the company guidelines you should rotate your foam and latex mattresses every 2 to 3 weeks in the first 3 months from purchase. After this you need to rotate it every 2 to 3 months only. For spring mattresses, you just need to rotate it every 6 months.

Wrapping Up

Mattresses are a very important part of your sleep routine. They are the surface on which you lie down to sleep. If this surface is not comfortable enough you will experience poor sleep which in turn will trigger all sorts of mental and physical problems. The Boston Mattress is an excellent brand to choose you mattress from. They have a fantastic product range that caters to all the different sleep requirements. You can even customize your mattress with this brand. They have a solution for all your sleep requirements. Use this guide to choose to best Boston Mattress to satisfy your sleep needs. 

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