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Livpure Mattress Review – 2021


Last Updated on September 3, 2021 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

The mattress brand you choose for defines the kind of quality and the trims that you get from your purchase. As a brand Livpure lives up to its expectations and hype. The brand offers a sweet deal with all its mattresses. Some of the pros of buying a Livpure mattress are:

  • Premium grade memory foam quality used
  • Optimally designed for good ventilation
  • Odour free mattresses
  • Great motion isolation
  • 10-year warranty with all mattresses
  • Custom sizes available on its entire mattress range
  • 100-night free trial
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Good customer care support
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Easy payment options

Vital: 5 Inch Reversible Foam Mattress

  • Breathable cover
  • Customizable options
    Reversible mattress with both soft and firm surface choice
  • Only available in 5-inch thickness
  • More of a summer mattress than an all-season mattress

The Livpure Vital: 5 Inch Reversible Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses you can find in the market in that range. Reversible mattresses are very popular since they give you the choice of both soft side and firm side to sleep on. You can choose the soft foam side for when you feel like sleeping on a softer surface or you can simply flip the mattress to the firm foam side when you feel the need for better lumbar support. This is also an ideal solution for couples that want different surface firmness. Now you don’t have to settle for just one but you can have both. Just pick different days and you can both get your desired sleeping surface from a single mattress. The Livpure Vital: 5 Inch Reversible Foam Mattress has a basic and an advanced version.

The basic version comes with a non-removable cover. It comprises three layers. There is the spacer outer cover layer that is non-removable, then you have a 1–inch medium soft layer followed by a 4–inch hard high resilience firm layer.  

The advanced mattress version features a 4 – layer structure and comes with a removable cover The first layer is the spacer fabric outer layer that is removable, then you have a 1 – inch thick medium-soft foam, this is followed by a 4 – inch thick high resilience foam layer, and lastly, you get an anti-skid fabric to keep the mattress from slipping. 

Both the basic and the advanced mattress versions feature fabric covers that are breathable and skin-friendly. The mattresses are specially designed to give you good lumbar support while sleeping with high-quality foam used in the construction. The soft foam side firmness can be rated as 7/10 while the hard foam side firmness is pretty high at 9/10. This makes it ideal for those suffering from back problems. Further, the mattress sports a 3D mesh structure that makes it perfect for Indian weather especially the high humidity and warm nights. It comes in a smart duffle bag packaging making it very convenient to move around before setting it up. There is little chemical smell or odor once you unpack and inflate the mattress so there is no reason to worry about foul emissions.

  • Features a memory cool gel foam
  • Option for natural bamboo fiber cover
  • Gives optimal back and lumbar support
  • Cannot choose the firmness level

With the Ortho X: 6 – Inch Memory Foam Mattress you will never have to worry about any back problems ever again. This mattress has been specifically designed to offer the best possible orthopaedic support to your body. It gives you complete back support and the foam perfectly cushions your body. The mattress is constructed in such a way that it cocoons your body for optimal comfort while embracing your body’s natural curves. Hence you get a wonderful calm sleep and wake up refreshed with no aches or pains whatsoever. It comes in two versions, the basic and the advanced version. 

The Basic Ortho X: 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has a simple 4-layer construction. It features a breathable spacer fabric layer on top, then comes to a 1-inch cool gel memory foam followed by a 5-inch high-density support foam layer, and then you have an anti-skid base. The breathable spacer fabric is a great cover to have on the mattress. It has a 3D weave construction that allows for optimal air circulation. This prevents body heat from building up in the mattress and keeps it cool. This cover is also very skin-friendly and does not cause your skin to break out in rashes. This cover is removable for easy upkeep and crush-resistant as well. The mattress is not reversible.

The Advanced Ortho X: 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress comes with similar construction as that of the basic version. The only difference lies in the top layer which is a fabric cover made of natural bamboo fibre instead of the standard spacer fabric that is used in the basic version. Apart from this the advanced Ortho X mattress also has a 1-inch cool memory gel foam, 5-inch high-density support foam, and an anti-skid base same as the basic version. The bamboo fibre cover makes a lot of difference in the quality of the mattress. It is made of long-staple bamboo that makes the cover super light and keeps it soft even after a few washes. Further, the cover has natural bamboo protection that keeps it safe from bacteria and gives you UV radiation protection by 97.5%. This also controls the odour from sweat and has quick moisture-wicking properties making it ideal for a comfortable night of sleep.

Both the advanced and basic Ortho X: 6 – Inch Memory Foam mattresses feature a design that takes care of the lumbar support and the comfort needs of the body. This mattress is constructed specifically as per the orthopaedic requirements to give you the best back support while sleeping. It is ideal for hot and humid weather conditions and is ranked 8/10 on the firmness count. The mattress is delivered in a vacuum-sealed box that can easily be set up on the bed.

  • Keeps the body cool
  • Has premium luxurious feel
  • Great comfort factor
  • Too firm for everyone’s liking

Featuring a cool gel memory foam along with a latex foam layer in between layers for an added inch the Regal 8-Inch Memory Foam and Latex Mattress is by far one of the most innovative memory foam mattresses in the country. The Regal range is best suited for the summer season with its high air circulation structure and the cooling gel foam layer and the cool touch outer fabric cover. These mattresses have an 8-inch thickness which puts them firmly in the premium range with a plush feel and high comfort level.

The basic Regal 8-Inch Memory Foam and Latex Mattress have a 5-layer construction involving a Kooltex fabric outer cover for a cool breathable feel, a 1-inch cool gel memory foam to absorb the body heat and keep the mattress cool, a 1-inch latex foam for added thickness, a 6-inch high-resilience foam for better stability, and lastly an anti-skid bottom to prevent the mattress from slipping off the bed.

The advanced Regal 8-Inch Memory Foam and Latex Mattress also feature a 5-layer construction. The outer layer or the surface is a cool touch fabric that keeps cool and wicks away the body heat to keep you from sweating unnecessarily. This is followed by a plush 1.5-inch cool memory gel foam and a 1.5-inch latex foam layer. These combine to give the mattress a nice luxurious feel and gives it a sink-in feel. Then you have the 5-inch high-resilience layer for stability followed by the anti-slip base.

The Regal 8-Inch Memory Foam and Latex Mattress range feature a cool-to-touch sleep innovation technology that keeps the mattress cooler by 1 degree than the other mattresses. This is a premium range of mattresses that focuses on high comfort levels. It gives you a snug cocoon feel with the mattress just sinking into your body contours. With the cool memory foam gel and the Kooltex/ cool touch covers, this mattress is designed to keep the heat away from your body while you sleep ensuring a cool night’s sleep even in the hottest of nights. The covers are removable meaning that you can easily wash them to keep your mattress looking clean. They are also crush resistant so you don’t have to worry about them creasing after wash. The Regal range has an 8/10 firmness level. It comes in a vacuum-sealed box and does not emit foul chemical smells when opened.

  • Uses foam that is made with natural materials
  • Environment friendly
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Less durable than other memory foam mattresses

This one is for all the organic lovers in the market. The Naturale 6/8 Inch Ayurvedic Foam Mattress is a one of its kind unique mattress that is inspired by the Ayurvedic culture of India. This mattress is manufactured with natural materials only and is chemical-free. The memory foam used is made from natural resources and does not have any chemicals in it. The latex foam is a natural latex that is infused with sandalwood. This makes the latex naturally resistant to dust and mites.

The 6-inch Naturale mattress has a five-level construction. It features an excellent fabric outer cover that is infused with herbs to make it odour free and to wick away moisture. Next comes the inner cover layer that is made with pure cotton to ensure optimal air circulation and breathability in the mattress. Then you have a 2-inch natural memory foam that does an excellent job at contouring your body and retaining your shape for a comfortable experience. The 4-inch natural latex with pin cores comes next. The unique pin core design ensures that the mattress stays cool and gets great air circulation even in the bottom level section. Lastly, there is the anti-skid base for proper mattress positioning. This prevents the mattress from sliding off the bed frame.

The natural latex foam is sourced responsibly from Kerala. It is a natural anti-allergen material that keeps all the dust mites away from the mattress without any of the harmful chemicals. This even has anti-bacterial properties that aid in keeping your mattress free from all harmful bacteria. The memory foam is made by processing natural oils like groundnut oil and other nut oils. This makes the memory foam an ayurvedically compliant natural foam. The quality is the same as other chemically processed memory foam and you feel the difference in the way this foam hugs your body and retains its shape even after continued use. 

Livpure Mattress Build and Quality

Livpure mattresses are all solidly built with durability in mind. The brand lives up to its reputation of making high-quality mattresses with due consideration on both comfort and support. The quality and other characteristics of the Livpure mattress are discussed below:

Motion Isolation

One of the most annoying aspects of sharing a mattress is the constant motion that happens with every twist and turn that your co-sleeper takes. Even when you are sleeping alone you can feel your position changes in the mattress. This can cause a night of restless sleep and keep you awake throughout the night. The Livpure mattresses are built for motion isolation. They are engineered with pocket design and multiple foam layers that prevent the mattress from getting disturbed with the changes in your position ensuring a calm and constant sleeping surface.

Reinforced Edges

The edges of the mattress take the most stress. It is on the edge that you usually sit and it is also near the edges that people generally sleep. Most of the pressure is hence taken by the mattress sides. For this reason, the mattress must have strong edge support. Unfortunately, most mattresses do not come with edge support. This leads to premature sagging around the sides of the mattress causing the mattress to become lopsided with time. Livpure mattresses come with reinforced stitching along the edges for better pressure support.


All Livpure mattresses are designed keeping in mind high durability. Mattresses in general are a long-term expense. You expect your mattress to last for at least 5 to 7 years. For this, the mattress needs to be built with high-quality materials and have a good solid structural design. The Livpure mattresses all sport high-quality foam and are constructed in layers. They each have a cover that prevents the mattresses from getting dirty and saves them from regular wear and tear. Further, all the mattresses come with strong seamless double stitching to prevent the mattress from unravelling. The bottom layer features a strong anti-skid base that provides adequate support to the mattress as well.

Body Heat

There is nothing worse than waking up all sweaty and sticky. A lot of memory foam mattresses do not feature adequate air circulation within their design. This traps the body heat in the mattress rising the overall temperature of your sleeping surface. Livpure mattresses all come with layers that are designed specifically to ensure that the air is well circulated within the mattress. The outer cover of the mattresses ensures a cool sleeping surface especially with OrthoX and Regal versions. Some of the mattresses also come with a cool memory foam gel layer that further aids in keeping the temperature of the mattress cool.


The best thing about memory foam or latex mattresses is that they are silent mattresses. With spring mattresses no matter how good the quality over time you start getting creeks and groans from the mattress springs. This noise can be very disturbing especially when you change positions or get in/ out of the bed. Livpure mattresses do not have this problem at all. You get a silent noise-free mattress throughout your lifetime.

Odor Control

All Livpure mattresses have excellent built quality featuring high-grade materials. They also have high air circulation and breathability design. This means that the mattress remains well ventilated and hence there is no build-up of moulds and chemical smells that lead to nasty odors.

Livpure Policies

Trial Period

Livpure has a competitive trial period across its mattress range. All Livpure mattresses come with a 100 night free trial period. This means that you get 100 nights to adjust completely to the mattress and judge if it is the right fit for you. If you feel that the mattress is not suitable for your needs then you can arrange for a hassle-free 100% cashback return with no questions asked policy back to Livpure. Just keep in mind that this policy does not extend to custom-built mattresses.

Shipping and Delivery

Livpure takes care of the shipping charges and offers free shipping across all major cities in India as long as the product is available. You will need to check the availability by entering your pin code on their shipping page before you start shopping. Most Livpure mattresses are delivered to your doorstep in a nice vacuum-sealed box or bag depending on the mattress you buy.


Livpure has a fairly upfront return policy. They have certain conditions for return and if your concern matches those then you can easily contact customer support for a return. These conditions are:

  • If you receive a different product from the one you ordered
  • If the description of the product does not match the one you ordered
  • If there is a manufacturing defect in the product
  • If there is a bad odor emission from the mattress upon opening the package
  • If you do not like the mattress within the trial period

Take note that the trial period does not apply to custom-built mattresses. Also, you cannot return a custom-built mattress if it does not fit properly in your bed frame. So, be extra sure about the dimensions you give for your mattress.


Each Livpure mattress comes with a 7-year warranty period. This period covers 100% of manufacturing defects. It does not cover the following things:

  • Intentional or Unintentional damage due to inappropriate use of the mattress
  • Damage caused by cleaning the mattress with methods other than the recommended cleaning methods
  • Tears in the mattress and not just unravelling of the stitches
  • Mattress depression and sagging that is more than 20%

Livpure Brand Info

When it comes to mattresses you need to be extra choosy. Your mattress quality directly affects your sleep quality; hence you have to ensure that the mattress you have not only given you great comfort but also provides optimal body support.

Livpure is one of the leading mattress brands in India. It is hugely popular and widely trusted as a mattress brand that gives you an excellent blend of comfort and support. The brand has 4 types of mattresses on offer. The selection ranges from memory foam mattress to latex mattress and covers an Ayurveda mattress segment as well. Each of these mattresses is of premium quality and built. They are all manufactured keeping in mind the orthopedic requirements for optimal body support to ensure a high-quality sleep. The covers are hypoallergenic with due care given to their softness and durability.

Wrapping Up

Mattresses play a vital role in the quality of sleep you get. Hence you need to ensure you’re your mattress gives you the best support and comfort level possible. Livpure has very good quality mattresses that you can select from. Its mattress range includes 5 different types of mattresses. You can choose the best one for yourself based on your specific requirements. If you want more choice in your level of firmness then go in for the reversible mattress but if firmness is not an issue, then for best support you should opt for the Ortho range. 

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