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Top Mattress Brands in India – 2021

Top Mattress Brands in India – 2021

A lot of people in India, especially in metro cities (nearly 90%) are unable to sleep properly at night, a survey conducted by Godrej Interio revealed. We all...


Mattress Topper Buying Guide India – 2021

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by Ashwini G

A mattress topper is something that adds verve to your slack and old bed. Placed between the bed cover and the mattress, this topper revives the old mattress.  You can try this option if you do not intend to buy a new mattress.

Mattress toppers come in ranges between 1” and 5”. They help sleepers to have a good sleep, who would otherwise be facing uneasiness while sleeping. They are available for both large and single beds. Today’s mattress toppers are manufactured from different substances like feathers, latex, polyfoam, wool, and memory foam. As with the material, quality, size, and cost also vary.

After extensive research, a mattress topper buying guide has been put in place, which will assist you in making a wise decision with advice like:

  • Different types of toppers available
  • Benefits of using a mattress topper
  • What is a mattress topper?
  • Mattress topper buying guide
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Comparison between mattress topper and pad

What Is A Mattress Topper?

An added layer of padding for more comfort, which can be placed and removed at will, is known as a mattress topper. Some may choose to put a sheet over it, while some may lie directly on it.

They also help in adjusting the stiffness of the bed. The topper is very useful for cooling the bed as well as removing body pain. It can be used on beds as well as on guest beds, RVs, and sofas.

Benefits of Using A Mattress Topper

Before going deeper into the mattress topper buying guide, why not have a look at the benefits related to one.

Dual Comfort: If your mattress does not provide duel rigidity, you can opt for a topper, as it is inexpensive and, at the same time, a suitable option. You can turn the mattress onto the side that needs the change and continue to maintain the existing solidity of the mattress on the other side.

Extra Support: For maintaining a flat sleep surface for added neck and back support, memory foam or latex mattress toppers are a good choice. Getting a mattress topper made from these fibers will be helpful for those suffering from back and neck pain.

Pain Relief: A topper can give you relief from Fibromyalgia, which is instrumental in causing fatigue and muscle pain.  It is also a fitting choice for sufferers of chronic hip and back pain.

Cost-Effective Alternative: If you go in for a new mattress, it’s going to make a hole in your pocket. A mattress topper becomes a logical alternative as it is not only cheap but also provides the necessary comfort during sleep when you are reluctant to spend too much for a comfortable sleep.

Protection: Apart from serving its primary purpose of adding further comfort or giving new energy to the mattress, the topper also shields the mattress from physical blemishes, spots, and damage.

Eco-Friendly: Though mattress toppers come in various materials, some are also eco-friendly. There are no chemicals to be found in the natural latex topper.

Cooling Effect: Toppers have a cooling or aerated technology that keeps overheating at bay and allows you to have a healthy night’s sleep.

Extends the Lifespan Of A Mattress: Mattress toppers increase the longevity of a mattress. However, you may still want to use a topper despite having a brand new bed, with the intention of increasing its lifespan. Doing this will drastically reduce the deterioration of your bed.

Mattress Topper vs. Mattress Pad

Mattress toppers are generally confused with mattress pads, and people tend to swap the two. In reality, however, the two are very different from each other in more ways than one as can be seen below:


Mattress Topper – A topper is not meant to protect the mattress, rather protect it from deterioration to a certain extent.

Mattress Pad – A pad is meant to offer enough protection from contamination to the existing mattress.


Mattress Topper – The lifespan of a topper depends largely on the material it is manufactured from.  Memory foam and latex toppers have a longer lifespan than most other toppers.

Mattress Pad – Being machine washable, pads tend to wear out very soon.


Mattress Topper – the main reason for using a topper is that it provides additional comfort while you sleep.

Mattress Pad – this is used to guard the mattress against discoloration, marks, and blots.


Mattress Topper – They have an extra cushioning to enable you to feel the difference between your sleep surface and the topper.

Mattress Pad – There is no big change in the feel of the existing mattress as these pads are normally thin.


Mattress Topper – It can either be tucked inside a sheet or made to lie freely on the mattress.

Mattress Pad – These must definitely be tucked inside the sheets.


Mattress Topper – Toppers are produced from a wide range of materials such as fibre, feather, foam, latex, etc.

Mattress Pad – Pads are made from materials such as cotton and polyester.

Mattress Topper Buying Guide

When most of your time is spent sleeping, 30,000 hours to be precise, you wouldn’t want to have a sleepless night, would you? Let’s have a glance at the factors you need to bear in mind while hunting for a mattress topper.


A mattress topper comes in a variety of materials, each offering a different comfort level. For instance, if you are looking to improve spinal alignment, a latex or memory foam topper would be the right choice as it fits your body contours properly.

Wool and feather toppers, on the other hand, match up to your body. If you are looking to buy a cooling topper, these will be the correct choice.


Most of the toppers that you get in the market come with a thickness between 1” and 5”.  You, therefore, need to choose a topper thickness according to your mattress.

If the mattress is firm, you will need a thicker topper for added comfort.  However, if there are just some minor changes involved, a thinner topper will suffice.


One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the size of the mattress topper. Toppers are available in different sizes such as king, queen, twin, and full, and so, you need to know the precise size of your bed while going out to shop for a topper.

When the topper is the exact size of your bed, it is considered being a perfect fit. If the topper turns out to be smaller or bigger in size, you may feel lopsided and uncomfortable, and moreover, it will defeat the purpose of buying a topper in the first place.


Depending on the type of mattress topper you choose, its longevity can be predicted. Usually, latex, wool, and memory foam are long-lasting compared to other materials. Feather and fiber toppers have a short lifespan of just a few years.

Motion Isolation

As motion isolation is vital while buying a mattress, so is it while browsing through toppers. Latex and foam toppers offer more motion isolation, reducing disturbances in sleep. If you sleep alone, you can also choose feather, fiber, or wool toppers as they offer negligible isolation.


The cost of a mattress topper is based on the material it is manufactured from. In this context, latex and memory foam have a higher price tag than the rest.

Firm or Soft

If the mattress is too stiff, softer toppers would be ideal, but in case the bed is too soft, a firmer topper would be a suitable choice.

However, if you are buying a mattress topper to enhance the life of your existing mattress, then its firmness should be equal to that of the mattress.  As an example, if your bed is of medium firmness, get a topper of medium firmness.

Attachment Methods of Mattress Toppers

Skirts and straps are the two methods by which you can secure your topper to the mattress. The skirt mattress topper covers all the four corners of the mattress, and its base has elastic for a firm grip. It works the same way as the fitted sheets.

The strap is the other method to secure the topper with the mattress. The straps are attached to the topper corners diagonally. These elastic straps fit perfectly with the edges of the bed.

Types of Mattress Toppers

A wide range of toppers are available in the market to give you a peaceful sleep at night. The most popular mattress toppers are given below, in no particular sequence. Each sort has its limitations, features, and benefits.


Being manufactured from natural latex, these toppers are environment friendly along with being comfortable and durable. Prior to buying, carefully check to see if any synthetic materials have been added.

Weight:  Between 12 to 18 KGs


  • Much costlier due to its high durability
  • Non-allergic
  • Toxin-free
  • Gives relief to body aches as well as comfortable and supportive


  • Not readily available
  • Not recommended for those allergic to latex
  • High price tag


The most popular topper in the world is made from natural wool. Due to certain extra benefits, it is more costly than memory foam and latex toppers.

Weight: Between 2.5 to 5 KGs


  • Most suitable for allergic sleepers
  • Ideal heat controller
  • Consistent with body shape
  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant to bugs and dust mite
  • Amazingly comfortable due to its natural softness


  • It provides less support when compared to latex and memory foam.
  • It is priced higher than other fabric materials.
  • Maintenance is high

Polyester or Cotton

These mattress toppers are generally made of polyester or organic cotton or a blend of both. The price of the topper is entirely dependent on the material.

Weight: Between 2.5 to 5 KGs


  • Easily washable (dry clean or machine wash)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Odorless when new
  • Many options available


  • Not as long-lasting as latex, memory foam or wool mattress toppers.

Egg Crate

Synonymous with its name, this topper looks like an egg crate. They are not readily available, and the quality also varies. Therefore, rates are also different.

Weight: Between 5 to 7.5 KGs


  • Comparatively less costly than the other types
  • Easily transportable due to its lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance
  • It has an awesome motion isolation


  • Not a pain reliever
  • Short life compared to other types

Memory Foam

Based on market research, this seems to be the most well-liked type of topper.  The memory foam topper is unmatched in terms of comfort and support, but a tad more expensive.

Weight: Between 10 to 15 KGs


  • Being available in a wide range of densities, you have the privilege to choose the correct level of firmness
  • Due to its great motion isolation, you can continue with your peaceful sleep even though your partner could be turning and tossing around.
  • It is expensive due to its long lifespan
  • Corresponds easily with the body shape


  • Gives off a strong chemical odor just after removing from the original packaging, but disappears in a few days.
  • Heat absorber


This mattress topper is famous for its softness. However, it is not recommended for those in the lookout for a firmer topper and also for those who are prone to allergies.

Weight: Between 6 to 11 KGs


  • It is super soft
  • Lasts long
  • Great motion isolation
  • Regulated temperature


  • Does not help in relieving pain
  • High maintenance

Mattress Topper Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Mattress Topper Help A Sagging Mattress?

A topper is the best preference to put right a sagging mattress. They are meant to be placed over the existing mattress and are thinner than the regular mattresses.

Toppers help conceals a feeling of unevenness, sagging, and slight sinking. It is the quick-fix, inexpensive way to lend a new lease of life to your old mattress.

Can You Sleep Only on The Topper?

If the topper is not thick enough to contour your body shape, it means it is too firm and can prevent you from having a restful sleep. It is not recommended for you to place it on the floor with the intention of sleeping on it, as it may catch health-hazardous bed bugs and mites. So, sleeping on the topper can only be a temporary way out.

What Thickness Mattress Topper Should I Buy?

Memory foam mattress toppers normally come in a range of between 1” and 4” thickness. For a little extra comfort, 1” or 2” thick mattress will be enough, but the density should be high.

However, if you are on the lookout for a topper with more support and comfort, then a thickness of 3” or 4” will be ideal. Latex and memory foam offer thickness alternatives while the rest have a limited thickness option.

What Is the Difference Between Memory Foam And Gel Mattress Topper?

The material they are made of is the main difference between the two. While memory foam is made up of a material known as viscoelastic, gel topper is also made up of similar material, but the only difference is that it has a gel filling. This gel-infused foam topper was made to make one feel cool while they slept.

Using a mattress topper is a cheaper way of enhancing the coziness of your existing mattress. It also adds a sense of soothing to your existing bed. It has been attempted to cover everything here in this guide to a mattress topper, which will hopefully assist you in buying the correct one.

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Top Mattress Brands in India – 2021

Top Mattress Brands in India – 2021

A lot of people in India, especially in metro cities (nearly 90%) are unable to sleep properly at night, a survey conducted by Godrej Interio revealed. We all...

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