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The Sleep Company Mattress Review – 2021


Last Updated on October 15, 2021 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

Traditionally the mattress industry has been ruled with memory foam as one of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses followed by latex, PU, other forms of foam. However, these materials are outdated and predate the earlier mattress revolutions. With the change in times and the advent of technology, new mattress materials have been constructed to offer you the optimal comfort factor with perfect spinal support. This is the “Smart Grid” technology offered by the Sleep Company in India. The only company to provide this mattress technology in India. But the question here is if this smart grid technology is worth the hype around it? Or is it just another marketing gimmick with inflated prices? This review will help you make up your mind about the advantages of a smart grid mattress and if you should opt for one.

What Is the Smart Grid Technology in a Mattress?

Before taking apart the Sleep Company Smart Grid Mattress it will be helpful to understand the concept of smart grid technology used by the Sleep Company. A smart grid mattress is after all simply a mattress that is constructed using the smart grid technology. Mattress technology in India has remained pretty much constant for decades now. The last big change happened with the use of natural latex for orthopedic requirements. Since then, the industry has not witnessed any major changes but has been carrying on with slight tweaking.

Smart Grid technology is a revolutionary technology that is set to change the mattress industry. It is made with years of research and dedicated engineering to give you the perfect sleep solution. The technology is a no foam, no latex, and no spring construction that sets it apart from all the other mattress technologies in the market. Smart Grid is a surface layer that is constructed with hyper-elastic polymer gel with interconnected grids throughout much like the bee’s nest.

The hyper-elastic polymer gel is an adaptive polymer that has an outstanding absorption property that allows it to absorb all the body pressure from different joints to give you an elevated comfort. The material is soft and comfortable without being saggy and envelopes the various curves of your body right from your hips to your shoulders. The best thing is that it is a firm surface that gives you both the required pressure elevation as well as the requisite firmness for back and spinal support. This gives you great body posture support and rids you of all the aches and joint pains over time.

Boston Mattress Pros
  • Better bounce than average foam mattresses
  • Softer surface for pressure elevation
  • Good spinal and lower back support
  • Hypoallergenic with great air ventilation
Boston Mattress Cons
  • The mattress surface is warmer than other mattresses choices like latex and coir
  • Unsuitable for those with serious orthopedic medical conditions
  • Heavier than other alternative mattresses

The Sleep Company offers three variants of the smart grid mattress. These three variants provide all the sleep solutions that are needed by a person. They differ in softness and firmness levels. They also have different layers that target different sleep problems and requirements. You are sure to find a suitable fit for yourself from one of these options.



  • Zero motion disturbance
  • Comes in 6, 8, and 10-inch thickness
  • Great air circulation keeps the body temperature cool


  • The mattress can be too soft for some people

This is the most luxurious option offered by the Sleep Company. The Smart Luxe Mattress is the most deluxe smart grid mattress choice you can opt for. It has a great design that makes the mattress softer and more pliable around your neck and thoracic area. It tends to envelope the cervical region to offer you the best support for your neck region making it very comfortable especially for those suffering from cervical issues and constant tense shoulders. Along with the upper region comfort the mattress excels at the support it provides for the lower and back regions. It sports a firmness level that is optimal for good back and lumbar support.

The top layer of the mattress is made to be plusher and more luxurious than the other options and can come across as too soft for some people. You can feel your body simply sinking into the folds of the mattress while maintaining a proper posture. This is because of the superior smart grid technology that allows the top layer to be soft without compromising on the firmness needed at the surface level. The excessive softness is particularly designed to accommodate the people who prefer snuggly comfort.

You can choose between three levels of thickness, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch with 10-inches being the most luxurious variant. Each mattress is constructed with 4 layers with a 2-inch smart grid layer on top, followed by a transition layer, and HR support foam layer, and lastly a base layer for stability. The transition layer gives you the bounce and re-bounce that is essential for a good comfort level while the HR foam layer gives you the strong support required. The top smart grid layer has 2500 air channels that allow for optimal air ventilation. You will not feel anybody heat trapped in the mattress because of this. These air channels also keep the mattress surface cool preventing any night sweats.



  • Soft breathable outer cotton cover with 550 GSM thread count
  • Has hypoallergenic smart grid layer
  • Optimal motion isolation


  • Does not provide specialized support needed for medical conditions
  • Not effective against common joint inflammatory pains

Back pain can be quite troublesome is tends to hamper your sleep quality. The constant ache in the lower back due to inadequate mattress support translates directly to a night spent tossing and turning rather than sleeping. To prevent such sleepless nights, you need to buy a mattress that gives you good back support. The Smart Ortho Mattress from Sleep Company is one of the best orthopedic mattresses in the market. It gives you the best back support you require to maintain an optimal body posture. You can choose between 5-inch and 5-inch thickness in this variant.

The Smart Ortho mattress has been specially designed keeping in mind the orthopedic needs of the body. It gets rid of the back pain and joint aches by giving you a firm surface that promotes the best body posture by aligning your hips, spine, and neck area. The mattress sports four layers to help achieve this balance.

The outer layer is a 550 GSM knitter cotton fabric that allows the air to flow through it easily and without any obstruction. This helps in regulating your body temperature and keeps the body heat from getting trapped. Hence, you have a cool restful night with no excessive sweating and hot pockets. This is followed by a 1-inch Smart Grid layer that offers comfort to the body. This layer conforms to the body shape and prevents pressure from building up on the joints. The Smart Grid is the core layer of the mattress and gives a resistive comfort that maintains your body posture. The 2500+ air channels in the layer also aid in air circulation and help keep the mattress surface cool. Then you have the 3-inch transition layer that gives the mattress its bounciness. It also gives the mattress a good structure. Lastly you have the HR foam layer that is responsible for according to stability to the mattress.



  • Highly responsive to the body movement
  • The Smart Grid and pocketed spring combination give a better airflow feature
  • Gives a super soft and bouncy comfort


  • The combination does not give you optimal back support

The Smart Luxe Hybrid Pocketed Spring Smart Gird Mattress is the newest addition to the Sleep Company smart Grid Mattress range. This is a zero-pressure mattress that is designed to engulf all the pressure areas and joints of your body to give you a zero-pressure surface to lie on. The mattress is constructed with a blend of Smart Grid layer and pocketed springs that work together to cradle and cushion all the parts of your body especially your lower back and spinal region. It also gives good support to the cervical region making your shoulders and lower neck region pressure-free.

This blend of Smart Grid layer and pocketed layer along with the Advanced Motion Technology makes this mattress a highly responsive mattress. This enables the mattress to adapt to your body movements while asleep without disturbing your sleep partner with your movements. There is also a uniform weight distribution feature in the mattress which prevents the mattress from any one-sided depressions and sagging.

The mattress construction is very similar to the Smart Luxe mattress construction. The only difference lies in the transition layer. With the Hybrid Smart Luxe mattress, the transition layer is replaced with a 4-inch pocketed spring layer.

Things To Keep in Mind While Buying the Smart Grid Mattress

All the Smart Grid mattresses offered by the Sleep Company are excellent choices but individually they all give you different levels of comfort and support. Each mattress targets a particular type of sleep requirement. You should hence buy the mattress based on your preferences to get the maximum benefit. Some key points to keep in mind when buying your Smart Grid mattress are listed below.


The first thing to decide on is the sleep requirement you have for the Smart Grid mattress. This will decide the type of mattress you should opt for. You can choose between the Luxe, Hybrid, and Orthopedic variants. Keep in mind that each variant offers different levels of support and softness. If you want ideal body support then your ideal choice should be Orthopedic variant. On the other hand, if you are looking to alleviate joint aches and pains over everything else then you should opt for the Luxe range.

Softness and Comfort

Some people prefer their mattress to be extra soft and snuggly while others prefer a firmer soft sort of surface in their mattress. It is best to decide your preferred degree of softness. All the Smart Grid mattresses offered by the brand give you great body cushioning. However, if you are after a mattress that offers luxurious comfort and body cocooning then you should choose the Luxe range. This range will cushion your body and envelope all the joints especially the hips, knees, and upper shoulder area to give you optimal pressure relief.


Optimal support is a calculated trade between firmness and comfort. For some people, a good supportive mattress gives you pressure relief while maintaining optimal body posture. A very hard surface mattress makes it impossible to alleviate the joint pressures making it very uncomfortable to the body and giving rise to joint inflammation, aches, and pains. The Orthopedic range of the Smart Gird mattress is the ideal solution for great body support. It is the perfect blend of good comfort and support that maintains your body posture perfectly. The other mattresses also give you good support but the orthopedic range is more concentrated on support rather than comfort.


Once you have decided which type of Smart Grid mattress you would like to purchase you should concentrate on the level of thickness you want. Depending on the type you opt for you can choose between 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch thicknesses. You should keep in mind the body weight and the bounciness you are after while deciding the thickness level. Typically, a thicker mattress works better for a heavier body weight. Similarly, a thicker mattress will give you better plush comfort and more bounce than a thinner mattress.

Smart Grid Mattress Return Policy


All the Smart Grid mattresses from the Sleep Company have an easy return policy. If you are not satisfied with the mattress for any reason or if you receive a defective mattress or a different mattress from the one you purchased you can easily raise a return request for the same on the company website within 100 days from the order date. It is a no-questions-asked return policy and you will be refunded your amount in whole. You might be asked for the mattress photograph while raising the request.

100 Nights Free Trial

The brand goes as per the medical research that states that it takes 3 to 4 weeks to adjust to a change in your mattress. Accordingly, the company gives its customers a fair adjustment period of 100 nights. You can raise a return request anytime during this 100-nights trial period with a full refund. There are some exceptions to this free trial period which include:

  • Only applicable for normal orders and does not include custom orders
  • The mattress should not show signs of damage, stains, or dirt
  • This offer only applies to order made directly with the company and does not apply to third-party or retailer sales
  • It does not cover sizing issues
  • You can only make one return per household in a year


All refunds are made to the original mode of payment only. It is processed within 5 to 7 working days after the product is received back from the company. Reverse pickup charges are applicable in case of mattress replacements.


The company offers a limited guarantee of 10 years on all its Smart Grid mattresses. This means that you get a mattress replacement with the same model and size or a similar model and size if there is a manufacturing defect within the 1st year of purchase. Subsequently, the limited guarantee covers repair costs or if repair is not possible then you get a prorated credit settlement from the company.

Why Should You Buy a Smart Grid Mattress?

Considering the expensive price tag on the Smart Grid mattresses, you might ask yourself why you should opt for a Smart Grid when you have plenty of other more affordable and more traditional time and tested options available in the market. Here are a few reasons that will set your mind at ease and convince you to choose this revolutionary mattress technology.

Optimal Comfort

Here’s a shout-out to all the comfy lovers who like indulgence and luxury, the Smart Grid mattresses especially the Smart Grid Luxe variant will cocoon your body effortlessly within its plush folds giving you a cloud-like feeling. These mattresses are made with 2500+ air channels that are distributed in a grid-like assembly that is extremely pliable to your body structure. These grids are made with a hyper-elastic polymer that conforms to your body curves and hugs all the pressure points and joints to give you supreme comfort.

Body Temperature Regulation

Unlike other mattresses like foam and latex, the Smart Grid technology engages air channels to keep the mattress free from any trapped body heat. The 2500+ air channels ensure that the mattress is well ventilated. This constant air circulation gives you a cool mattress to lie on which keeps your body temperature from rising and keeps it uniform throughout the night.

No Pressure Technology

The surface you lie on is a big contributor to your joint inflammations and body ache woes. If your mattress is not comfortable and supportive enough you will end up throbbing and aching in various parts of your body especially your joints and lower back. The Smart Grid mattress engages a “No Pressure” technology in its construction. The grid-like structure enables the mattress to respond effectively to all the different joints and parts of your body like the hips, neck, shoulders, knees, etc. by conforming to your body structure and cocooning the different areas adequately. This offloads the pressure built up in these areas through uniform bodyweight distribution thereby giving you relief from these common pains.

Flexibility and Structure

The Smart Grid layer is made from a hyper-elastic polymer material that has a high elasticity count. This gives the mattress a rubber type of flexibility that is not found in other mattresses. This flexibility also helps in the motion isolation feature of the mattress. The high elasticity helps the mattress resist sinking and sagging by distributing the bodyweight uniformly. The special grid-like structure allows the mattress to bounce back into shape after it has been used giving you a mattress that stays straight and firm for years together.


The hyper-elastic grid structure conforms good bounce to the mattress. This rubber-like material is great at throwing back the motion giving you a nice bouncy surface much like a latex mattress. If you are looking for an extra bounce then you can always opt for the Hybrid Smart Grid Mattress with pocketed springs. This not only gives you all the benefits of the Smart Grid mattress, but the added pocketed springs give you that springy bounce as well.

FAQ Corner

Is the smart grid a good choice?

When it comes to choosing the best mattress, you need to concentrate primarily on comfort and support. Smart Grid is a great option for anyone looking for great back and spinal support without having to feel the bite of firmness. The flexibility and softness offered by the smart grid technology mattresses give you a perfect blend of softness and firmness together.

Are smart grid mattresses better than memory foam mattresses?

Smart gird is better than memory foam especially when it comes to motion isolation, ventilation, softness, flexibility, and bounce. However, memory foam is the better choice for customization, temperature regulation, and density options.

What is the pricing segment of smart gird mattresses?

Owing to the technology and design engineering involved in the construction of smart grid mattresses they currently fall into the premium pricing segment. This makes it unaffordable for the budget conscious. However, there are easy finance options available making it more affordable to the general population.

What is the smart grid alternative in India?

The best alternative to the smart grid mattress is a high-density memory foam mattress. This might not be able to provide you with a similar bounce as a smart grid mattress but it comes close to providing the same level of comfort, softness, and support as a smart grid mattress.

Bottom Line

All the entire range of Smart Grid mattresses from the Sleep Company have been masterfully designed to give you the give you best comfort without compromising on the support aspect.

These mattresses are specially engineered to offer a soft and plush feeling to your body and hugging your body curves while giving a firm feeling to your spine, lower back, and neck region for optimal posture and pressure point relief. They absorb pressure from all the body joints to make you feel relaxed and comfy lulling you into a deep and gentle slumber. This remarkable technology is a revolutionary design that effortlessly delivers on its sleep promise.

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